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Athens United Church - Seven Circuit Labyrinth

Be still and know that I am God      Psalm 46:10

What is a Labyrinth? 

The labyrinth is a scared tool, a walking meditation, a prayer path that can energize the human spirit.

Unlink a maze, the labyrinth has only one path to the centre and back again. There is no right or wrong way to walk the labyrinth. You can't get lost

our finger labyrinth (pictured above)

The Labyrinth

Life is a journey of joys and sorrows, of discovery and unfolding. The labyrinth can be seen as a reflection of this journey, an ancient archetype and symbol found in many cultures and traditions around the world.

One of the most famous labyrinths is found in Chartres, France. A labyrinth is a single pathway. We enter, travel to the center and return by the same path.

Walking the labyrinth can be a meditation, a time of reflection and letting go or a symbolic pilgrimage to the center of all that is holy.

Each experience of the labyrinth is unique.

Typical stages of the labyrinth are: RELEASE as we let go of our struggle and empty our minds, RECEIVE as we are open to the healing energies of the universe, and RESPOND as we take what we have received back out into the world, into the life to which we are called. 

Before the Walk

Take some time to say a little prayer or do some deep breathing to relax, then begin the walk. You may want to set up an intention to focus your walk or you may want to simplify experience the labyrinth and enjoy the movement of your body.

During the Walk

Set your own pace.

The labyrinth is a two was street. When walking with a group, pass each other as it seems comfortable. Walk into the center and stay as a long as you wish. This is a place for rest, prayer, reflection. Then follow the path back to the beginning. 

After the Walk

Look back on your walk, reflecting on what your experienced and left.

Take some time to sit and enjoy the beautiful, quiet, scared space in the company of the majestic pines.

Plan to come again. Bring a friend and once more enjoy the meditative walk with god.