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Athens UC Council – 2021 - * designates Council Representative – Name in brackets designates chair of team

Minister - Rev Terrie Chedore

Chair of Council – Leita Sheffield *

Vice-Chair – Mary Rae Knapp

Treasurer – Jan Loshaw *

Recording Secretary – Cathy Holder *

Trustees (Thelma Greene)

Tom Chant

Fred Lunman

Howard Fenlong

Kent Mainse

Kevin Barber

Thelma Greene*

Worship (Donna Garvin)

Donna Garvin

Shirley Mainse

Deb Jozefowicz*

Pastoral Care (Jan Loshaw) Phone Calls & Visitors

Cathy Holder

Jan Loshaw*

Joyce Scott

(People who assist with phone calls and visiting)

Mary Rae Knapp

Dorothy Earl

Women’s Ministry

Donna Garvin *

Congregational Life In Action (Sandra Stakenvicius)

Sandra Stakenvicius *

Leita Sheffield

Ministry and Personnel (Barb & Thelma co-chairs)

Thelma Greene

Mary Rae Knapp

Barb Lunman *

Communication & Technology (Barb Lunman)

Technology— Barb Lunman * 

Publicity – Mary Rae Knapp

Communication— Rachel Campbell (Facebook)

--- Barb Lunman (Website)

Finance (Mary Rae Knapp)

Marnie Purcell

Alfred Stakenvicius

Thelma Greene

Fred Lunman

Mary Rae Knapp*

Property (No Chair)

Gord Wright

Howard Fenlong

Fred Wells

Henry Brower

Alfred Stakenvicius*

Nominating Committee (Deb Jozefowicz)

Deb Jozefowicz * Barb Lunman

Regional Rep (Alfred Stakenvicius)

Marnie Purcell * (alternate)

Member-at-Large - Peggy Mitten

Team Descriptions and Roles

Congregational Life in Action: This team is responsible for

  • initiating Christian Education for the congregation whether adult, youth or child. e.g. establishing and supporting a Sunday School, securing a curriculum and teachers
  • initiating adult education e.g. Bible studies and work with youth
  • Coordinating learning opportunities e.g. Leading & Learning, Dialogue for Peaceful Change Conference
  • Food, staff and supplies for social functions e.g. Pot Lucks, Games Nights, waffle breakfast, Birthday Sundays etc
  • Library – maintain and “grow” the collection
  • Welcoming & Hospitality – encouraging and welcoming new members
  • Co-ordinate Outreach for the congregation i.e. activities which take place beyond the congregation in the community and the broader community e.g.Food Bank, Christmas hampers, M&S, Social Justice, Grape Vine, interaction with the High School etc

Trustees : traditional role of Trustees as outlined in the Manual

  • Minimum of (3) three members, maximum of (9) nine members

Worship : The team will include all duties formerly under the worship committee and the choir including

  • decorating the sanctuary for special services
  • find replacement leadership for services for absence of minister
  • help with order of Sunday services with the minister including readers, communion etc

Ministry & Personnel :The M&P committee will consist of at least 2 people from the congregation and will look after

  • personnel issues – interactions of minister, staff, congregation
  • job descriptions and staff reviews
  • hiring new staff

Pastoral Care :The team will look after

  • visitations, cards, prayer lists (Prayer Circle) etc
  • Prayer Shawl ministry
  • Maintain historic role
  • Maintain an up-to-date membership roll recording the marriages, transfers, funerals, baptisms and removal from the roll

Nominating Team : The team will look after

  • Making nominations to the Council

Communication and Technology : The team is comprised of the recording secretary and people who will look after Communications (church Facebook page, web page), Technology (securing and dealing with issues related to the technology equipment e.g. computers, printers, phones, projectors, etc) and Publicity (advertising church events)

Women’s Ministry : The team will include the women’s groups within the congregation e.g. UCW

Property : The team will oversee

  • the necessary maintenance of all properties, interior, exterior of buildings, repairs and renovations
  • maintenance of the grounds
  • contracts for maintenance e.g. oil contract, furnace maintenance etc
  • the work of the Caretaker

Finance : The team will look after the financial issues of the church and include

  • the treasurer and all of the duties associated with the treasurer
  • Ways & Means people who will spearhead fund raising efforts
  • Issues and efforts related to the Stewardship Campaigns when decided by Council