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Photo Albums

Certificates of Appreciation Awards Certificates of Appreciation Awards Mayor Herb Scott presents Pat Blanchard with her award for her participation in the Levee Committee. 203515456 Giles Loshaw was honoured for his many years dedication to the Masonic Lodge. 203515457 Kent Mainse presents Howard Fenlong with his Award for his work in the Athens District Snowmobile Club since the inception of the club. 203515458 Dave Blanchard, a 49 year member of Athens Fire Dept, being presented his Award. 203515459 Alfred Stakenvicius' Membership Service Award. Alfred was visiting family and thus not present at the Levee. Congratulations Alfred for being recognized for your work in the Lions Club. 203515460 In this picture Mary Rae Knapp presents Gary Holder a certificate for his work on the Joshua Bates Centre Performing Arts Committee. 203515461