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In-Person Services Temporarily Suspended (at least for month of January)

17 Church Street, Athens Ontario

       Groaning Table

We built another Groaning Table at the church for Christmas.  Donations have goneto the Athens Food Bank.   It  will be used for Christmas hampers and future needs.  A huge thanks to our most generous congregants who brought so much to share with those who have needs in our community.

     Award for Howard Fenlong

On Sunday, October 17, 2021, our congregation's 190th Anniversary, our dedicated congregant,Howard Fenlong, was presented with a plaque in recognition of over 35 years of service to our church - singing in the choir, tirelessly working on the Property Committee (climbing a ladder to places no one else in the congregation would attempt) and as a  member of Trustees.

Thank you Howard for all that you have done, much of which was completed quietly, just because you saw it needed to be done and you did it.  Love from all your church family.

Award for Alfred Stakenvicius​

"It was our pleasure to acknowledge the decades of service to Athens United provided by Alfred Stakenvicious. Thank you, Alfred for the innumerable ways you have served including as Chair of Stewards, Treasurer, member of the Finance Committee, and co-chair of the Accessibility project, plus, plus!"

Important Announcements

Church Services suspended for January

With Covid-​19 levels on the rise, the Church Council has decided to suspend in-person church services for the month of January until further notice. We will keep you posted on Facebook, the church website ( and via ​email. Please feel free to contact us by calling the office (613-924-2175) and leaving a message, or via email address. Rev Terrie is available by phone if you wish to speak with her.  We trust you had a wonderful Christmas and we send our best wishes for a better New Year.

           ​Prayer with Rev Te​rrie

Rev Terrie will be holding some Zoom sessions on Prayer in 2022.  If you have any questions, please call the office, 613-924-2175 or email at [email protected]

Our first service back, July 11th, 2021!

         Conversation with Mary

During our service on the last Sunday of Advent, Phoebe had a conversation with her cousin, Jesus' mother Mary. The actors were Rev Terrie Chedore and Donna Garvin. Our next service is Christmas Eve at 6:30pm. All are welcome to join us on that blessed eve.