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9:30-10:30 AM

17 Church Street, Athens Ontario

Recognition Awards

The following people have been recognized by the congregation for exceptional service to our church over the period of many years.

Fred Lunman

"Thank you Fred Lunman for all of your work and dedication caring for our church over all these years. It was our pleasure to present you with a plaque in your honour."  Fred was recognized for his many years of chairing and serving as a member of Trustees and the Property Committee.

Alfred Stakenvicius 

Howard Fenlong

Hugh Wright

Important Announcements

Turkey Dinner

Soup and Sandwich Luncheon

Friday, Sept 30. 11:00-1:00


Annual UCW​ Church ​Service 

On May 29, UCW members led by Donna Garvin conducted the service.  The theme was “The Women Behind the Scenes”.  The  ladies pictured below presented a drama.  They depicted the characters of the Hotel Manager where the last Supper was held, Pilate’s wife, the Waitress and the Apothecary who offered her medicine to Jesus as he trudged to Calvary (note the medicine bottles on the table by the lady in blue).  Favourite hymns were sung and when the service ended we were greeted by a glorious day outside.

Joyce Campbell Bursary

A bursary to help finance an experience that will enrich the life of a child has been established by the Athens UCW in honour of a beloved congregant who died in 2022.  This bursary is open to all children and is applicable for a wide variety of activities. The child has been selected for 2022 and this person will be enjoying an opportunity to go to camp for a week.  If you are interested in nominating a child for 2023 please phone the church office at (613-924-2175).  We will be considering applicants for 2023 in November, 2022.